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Peggy Roger
Producer and Writer

Born the youngest of seven in a small town south of Chicago, Peggy Roger moved with her family to the West Coast where her parents developed one of the largest drywall businesses in Southern California. Peggy always had a desire to help others, which led to her pursuing a career in social work. Now with a Masters in Social Work and her LCSW, she co-founded Hope 4 Kids Adoption and Foster Care Agency in Dana Point, California. In addition, Peggy is assisting in developing adoption/foster care in South Africa for orphaned children.

Peggy developed a passion for writing in 2005 when she visited a castle in Scotland where her great-great grandmother lived as a servant on an expansive illustrious estate. When she returned to California, that urge to pen one of the most fascinating experiences based on her ancestor has now grown into fulfilling what she believes is one of her callings to write and produce Hollywood films.

“Jessie” was the first novel that Peggy wrote, named after and inspired by her Scottish great-great grandmother. That manuscript served as a template for her screenplay “Jessie the Golden Heart”, which she has worked tirelessly on developing and has received accolades from it placing as finalist in the 2014 Beverly Hills Film Festival in the screenwriting division.

Bursting with stories over the years, Peggy decided that she needed to self-publish, so she founded Producer of Hope 4 Families Publishing, creating the Unlike Any Other series of children’s books, authoring both fiction and non-fiction works.

Peggy began to take a great interest in learning about the film industry, wanting to focus her attention on script development and production. She received training through Act One Producing and Production Programs. She also was mentored as a writer through Track Two, Scene Five, a film production training program based in Orange County. Peggy has been actively educating herself in various courses, workshops and classes to learn everything she can film related.

Expanding from her publishing company, Peggy created Unlike Any Other Productions, which was inspired by Psalm 139:14, to help people understand they are unique and unconditionally loved in spite of their imperfections.