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Jessie The Golden Heart

Striving to live up to the promise made at the bedside of Master Walter’s dying father wars against the forbidden passion he has for Jessie, a beutiful Scotish Servnt Girl.

Academy Award Nominee


Jessie The Golden Heart

Born the youngest of seven in a small town south of Chicago, Peggy Roger moved with her family to the West Coast where her parents developed one of the largest drywall businesses in Southern California. Peggy always had a desire to help others, which led to her pursuing a career in social work. Now with a Masters in Social Work and her LCSW, she co-founded Hope 4 Kids Adoption and Foster Care Agency in Dana Point, California. In addition, Peggy is assisting in developing adoption/foster care in South Africa for orphaned children.

Behind the Scenes

In The Making of Jessie

From the initial compelling concept-to-final production, our aim is to create honest and authentic experiences that bring people together. Our production company’s founding was inspired by Psalm 139:14, to help people understand they are unique and unconditionally loved in spite of their imperfections..


Our Current Projects

Creative and inspirational stories that harness and celebrate the struggle of the individual who desires to find their purpose in life and have an impact in their world, expressing it and sharing it with others.

The Olde Country Still Lives

a true account of the arrival of a family of proud Scottish immigrants who came to America, sailing just ahead of the Titanic, with the desire to continue a legacy that succeeds the rich heritage that hailed from four generations of the Stravithie Estate in Scotland.

A Secret

When a woman is haunted by her past indiscretion, she discovers solace in a common bond with her deceased great-grandmother during her travels to Scotland where she learns one of the greatest lessons of her life

No Good-Byes

When young siblings are torn away from their mother and multiple foster homes without warning, a social worker strives to find a way to minimize the emotional damage by seeking closure for the children.

A Road from Apartheid

When a black man watches his father murdered during the Apartheid, he finds temporary refuge in local gangs until a pastor helps him to realize his life has a greater purpose and shares this purpose with a white couple who together work to transform a post-apartheid world, one orphan at a time.

Behind the Scenes

About the Founder

Peggy developed a passion for writing in 2005 when she visited a castle in Scotland where her great-great-grandmother Jessie lived as a servant on an expansive illustrious estate. When she returned to California, that urge to pen one of the most fascinating experiences based on her ancestor has now grown into fulfilling what she believes is one of her callings to write and produce Hollywood films.