Our Current Projects

“Secret” When a woman is haunted by her past indiscretion, she discovers solace in a common bond with her deceased great-grandmother during her travels to Scotland where she learns one of the greatest lessons of her life.

“Elphas” When a black man watches his father murdered during the Apartheid, he finds temporary refuge in local gangs until a pastor helps him to realize his life has a greater purpose and shares this purpose with a white couple who together work to transform a post-apartheid world, one orphan at a time.

“No Good-Byes” When young siblings are torn away from their mother and multiple foster homes without warning, a social worker strives to find a way to minimize the emotional damage by seeking closure for the children.

“The Olde Country” is a true account of the arrival of a family of proud Scottish immigrants who came to America, sailing just ahead of the Titanic, with the desire to continue a legacy that succeeds the rich heritage that hailed from four generations of the Stravithie Estate in Scotland. Their strength and faith to overcome every challenge and seek happiness despite the trials of the Great Depression, World War II and the Korean War, is a feat to be conquered over decades in the new land.